If you own or operate a gambling-related website, you know difficult it is to find quality, accurate content. Nothing will damage your reputation more than inaccurate articles. Few people are qualified to write articles related to gambling or sports betting, so why not let Allen Moody and his team of writers do the work for you?

Our writers have combined to win more than 20 journalism awards, including first-place awards from the National Newspaper Association and Society of Professional Journalists. Whether you need weekly articles or a complete site, we can help. Moody's team are regular contributors to many of the leading sports betting sites, such as Bang the Book and frequently write articles under the names of the best-known handicappers in the business.

As a website operator, you are probably aware that duplicate content will be severely penalized by the search engines, making it more difficult for anybody to find your site. That's why we guarantee all content will show up as being original on Grammarly, the most-trusted plagiarism checker around.


If you have an affiliate site and need original write-ups for each of your customers, we can help. Using canned scripts provided by the company will save you time and money, but will also hurt you with the search engines. Having original content is viewed as a plus, will help you be placed higher and make you more money in the long run.


We have two pricing tiers depending on the amount of work required. Large-scale projects, meaning those over 5,000 words total regardless of how many articles it is broken into, are charged 5 cents a word; if you pay within three days of receipt the cost drops to 4 cents per word. Those who pre-pay will be charged at just 3.5 cents per word and any excessive payment will be returned at the conclusion of the work.

Smaller scale projects are billed at 6.5 cents per word; 6 cents per word if paid within three days; and 5.5 cents a word if making pre-payment.

Turn-Key Operations

Moody's staff can also develop an entire website for you and get you up and running without having to do any of the work yourself. We can also handle the daily operation of your site if you operate a sports service or affiliate portal. Contact Moody for more information and to discuss pricing.

Use the Contact page to e-mail Allen directly with your needs.