College Football Market Report 11-14-20

We won both plays at the ATS site on Friday, but still sitting at an unsightly 13-14 with two plays left for Saturday. Now, we’ll take a look at the remaining games for Saturday and look at the betting patterns that are taking place.

College hoops is getting ready to begin soon and we’ll be on top of it pretty good.

The college football betting markets are taking a few stands today.

Vanderbilt at Kentucky: Kentucky has moved from -17.5 to -18 even though the Wildcats have received less than 50% of the wagers. The total is just 41.5. Favorites of 17 or more are just 37-51-2 ATS when the total is less than 42.

Notre Dame at Boston College: Notre Dame opened -13 and the line is down to 11.5 on even betting. Tough spot for the Irish but everybody knows that and no real value on the Eagles. I’d lean BC if I had to play.

Wisconsin at Michigan: Wisconsin getting hammered right now and the line is up to 6.5. I’m on the other side in this one.

Northwestern at Purdue: Northwestern getting hit hard, as the Wildcats are now favored by 3. The game opened even and the betting has been split.

Temple at Central Florida: The Knights have moved from -28.5 to -25.5 after getting 67% of the bets.

Late leans (based on game-day betting patterns): North Carolina -12.5, Illinois +6, Ole Miss -13, Fresno -10.


NFL Betting Market Report 11-8-20

We’ll take a quick look this morning at what’s transpiring in the NFL betting markets.

Denver at Atlanta: The Falcons opened -4 and the line is still there with Atlanta getting 55% of the bets. Pinnacle has it at 3.5, so a Pinnacle lean to the Broncos.

Baltimore at Indianapolis: The Ravens have moved from -3 to -1 in this one even though they’re getting two-thirds of the wagers. I have each team winning by 2 points with the Yards Per Play and Yards Per Point methods.

Houston at Jacksonville: The Texans opened -7 and the number has moved to 6.5 even though Houston is getting 60% of the wagers. Both methods lean to the Jags in a bit of a surprise.

NYG at Washington: The home team is favored by 2.5 here and I have them winning by 1 with both methods. Not really enough variance for a play. Washington opened 3.5 and the betting has been split. Lean to the road dog here.

New Orleans at Tampa Bay: Big move towards the under here, as the number opened 55.5 and is now 50.5. Roughly 56% of the wagers are on the over. Could be some rain and wind, so would wait until closer to kick-off.

NFL Betting Report 10-18-20

We’ll use the same premise as Saturday, just looking at lines and moves based on betting percentages in the NFL.

Houston at Tennessee: Tennessee is now favored by 3.5 in this one, although it’s the total that draws a little attention. The number opened 55 and is now 53 with close to 60% of the bets on the over. Would take the under in this one.

Baltimore at Philadelphia: Both the total and side have seen movement here. The total opened at 48.5 and is now 46.5 with 70% of bets on the over. Pinnacle has the total at 46, so will grab the under in this one.

Rams at 49ers: Huge move here has the Rams favored by 3, which is a bit of overreaction. Would take 49ers in this spot.

Kansas City at Buffalo: The total moved from 55 to 57 even with more wagers on the under. As a result, would take the over in this one.

College Football Betting Report 10-17-20

We’ll do something we did a few years ago, which is looking at the college football odds from all the sportsbooks, total wagers and Pinnacle and determine where the sharp money was coming from.

Pittsburgh at Miami: We’ve seen a pretty strong reverse move in this one, as the Hurricanes opened -9.5 and are now up to -13 or 13.5 depending on your sportsbook. A little sharp money on the ‘Canes in this one.

Auburn at South Carolina: Auburn opened -3 and the line went up to -3.5 before dropping back down to 3. Pinnacle has this one at 2.5 (-117) and coming off a key number is a bit unusual, so a slight lean to South Carolina in this one.

Liberty at Syracuse: Liberty is favored by 2.5, which is right where this one opened, but Pinny has moved the road team to -3, so a Pinnacle lean on the away favorite.

Central Florida at Memphis: This one is much like the game above, with CFU favored by 2.5 at most places and Pinnacle having bumped the number to Central Florida -3, so another lean to the road favorite.

Georgia at Alabama: Alabama opened -7 and the line dropped to 5.5 at most places even though the Tide are getting close to 60% of the wagers. Pinnacle has the number at Tide -6, which pretty much negates the reverse move.