NFL Betting Methods – Week 10

In the update to Being A Winning Gambler – Second Edition, I list a couple of different mathematical methods for predicting NFL games, that I’ll start sharing here. These are based on Yards Per Point and Yards Per Play.

TeamsYards Per PlayYards Per Point
Colts -1Colts by 1
TitansTitans by 5.5
Detroit -4.5Lions by 1.5Lions by 5
Cleveland -3Cleveland by 2Cleveland by 2
Packers -13GB by 8GB by 7.5
Eagles -3Eagles by 2
GiantsGiants by 3
Tampa Bay -6Tampa by 7
CarolinaCarolina by 2
Las Vegas -4Raiders by 2Raiders by 4.5
Cardinals -2.5Arizona by 4.5Arizona by 4.5
ChargersChargers by 1.5
Miami -1.5Miami by 20
Pitt No linePitt by 9.5Pitt by 8.5
SeattleSeattle by 5
Rams -1.5Rams by 5
San Fran
Saints -9.5New Orleans by 3NO by 2
Baltimore -7.5Balt by 14Raven by 2.5
Vikings -2.5
BearsBears by 2.5Bears by 2.5

Now, in the games where both methods agree, we have Houston, Jacksonville, New York Giants, Arizona, San Francisco and Chicago. The 49ers are having some quarterback issues, so I might be inclined to drop them. If the number reaches 10, you might have to reconsider.

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