WNBA Season Wrap-Up

A bit of a disappointing WNBA season, as I started a little late due to the uncertainty of what was taking place and then sputtered a little bit, ending the regular season a game a game under .500 at 13-14. Did go 8-2 in the playoffs to end up with a 21-16 record, which is 56.75%, a bit lower than the two previous seasons, but good enough for a small profit. Our two-year record is 53-36, which is 59.55%.

We did have Seattle to win the championship back at the beginning of the season, so from a net unit standpoint, it wasn’t bad at all. Just wish we had fared a little better in the regular season.

By the time the 2021 season rolls around, hopefully things will be back to normal and we have games in front of the fans, or lack of in some cases in the WNBA.










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